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Do i have a blockage?

I had a weird experience this morning (Sunday) and i am worried it might be a blockage or partial blockage (i never had one before).

I went to the bathroom thinking i'm going to have diarrhea. (I had them on and off the last couple weeks.) And then it felt like i was pushing on a brick wall. I used to have constipation often and it was nothing like that.

also i was having bowel movements 3 to 4 times a day and only had one today (diarrhea) before that.

I don't feel any pain.

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Even with a partial blockage you'll experience pain (abdominal and back pain), bloating and possibly nausea as well. With a full blockage then you won't pass any stool, will be in extreme pain (both abdominal and back pain), extremely bloated and have nausea and vomiting. So far it doesn't sound like a blockage but keep an eye out for possible signs like nausea, pain, excess gas/bloating.

Whenever I have a partial blockage I tend to get sulfur smelling burps before any other symptom which will later be followed by pain. Not everyone has this warning sign though.

Have you been taking anything that might combat diarrhea like Lomotil or other anti diarrhea pills? Taking those can help form your stool but may also cause stool to back up a bit. Do you feel pressure anywhere specific (rectum, anus or higher up)?
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I do think there is a chance you have inflammation in the rectal area. This is how I feel when things really get tight for me. Were your movements normally shaped in the days leading up to this? It is very common for them to become ribbon shaped as the rectal area gets inflamed. It also tends to lead to some refluxing for me, and a bit of a full feeling.

What meds are you currently on?
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what do you mean by ribbon, a thin line?

I'll post my meds soon but i'll tell you of hand what i remember.
I just finished prednisone.
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I'm fine i went today normaly no diarrhea no constipation the toilet water stayd clear. i think it was the result of unconventional treatment i started yesterday (Sunday). i never thought it would have such quick results so i didn't mention it before.

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