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Crohn's and IVF

I have had Crohns disease for 12 years and have had one bowel resection last year (ileum). I take Cimzia once per month. My DH and I have been trying to conceive and cant. We have all the tests done (HSG, SIS, Semen analysis, Bloodwork) and even tried clomid and femara for a few months and nothing. My tubes are open and my uterus looks fine. So my RE is suggesting IVF. He thinks the cilia that release the egg could be scarred because of the Crohns and the surgery. We are scheduled to start some time in July so we are on a 2 month break for all fertility meds. I know that immune issues (NK cells etc) can affect fertility but my RE doesnt buy into that. Has anyone here with Crohns/Colitis had to go thru IVF? What was the experience? Was it successful?
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Ive had Crohns for 3 years. It was bought under control with infliximab and im now on azathioprine and been in remission for 2 years. My husband has a sperm problem so we cannot conceive naturally. I have had a blood test done to check my blood levels and all are fine and ive had numerous scans to check im ovulating. I had 2 goes at IVF to get my daughter and I have done 2 goes since that haven't worked. Im now trying donor sperm and doing my own AI. I don't know whether my tubes are Ok or if anything is damaged as that was all bypassed with IVF. I was on infliximab when I got pregnant and now im on Aza and again I don't know if that's makes a difference. Im 2 months in to trying this natural method but am panicking as I also just turned 40.

I think clinics are very quick to want to offer IVF. I would have an exploratory laparotomy to see if they can see any damage. Also keep trying every month naturally.

Also what are the implications with Cimzia and pregnancy? Is it OK to take that.

IVF is really hard but if you can get it for free in your area then go for it. If your UK based you will probably have a long wait anyway. Im 6 years down the line from starting fertility treatment and desperate for a second child and not finding it at all easy. Its not an easy road but I would take the treatment if offered but don't stop trying naturally. At least with IVF you will get an idea of what quality eggs you produce and how many and that may help going forward.

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