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Vincent Vega
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Convatec wafer really uncoftable for me

After gaining some weight my stoma retracted a tiny bit and shrunk in size so I called my Ostomy nurse and she ordered some convatec wafers. Well, after trying it on and wearing it for about 30 hrs it was really uncomfortable and even painful at times. it felt like a great deal of pressure on the stoma, pushing it down and I felt every bowel movement like the stoma kept retracting every time I had to go. Also, it felt very bulky and noticeable under my shirt. I just wanted to rip this thing off in frustration, it never got settled. I then put back one of my regular flat Hollister flanges and I feel so much better!! instantly!! The other thing felt like a thousand pounds hanging off my side, Anyways, I was wondering if there are any other solutions out there to a mild shrinkage of the stoma? like more powder? glue? some type of seal? Im a new ostomate and my stoma is just about 3 months old Thanks!!
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Convatec has very rigid barriers so it's not for everyone. I found the coloplast ones contoured nicely and you can ask for samples. You may also find the one pieces are better for you because they will be less rigid. Just keep trying things to see what feels best.
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Were you having problems with the Hollister bag?

I have a retracted stoma and wear a Coloplast convex bag, plus some Brava paste in the "valley" that runs out from the stoma. I find it quite comfortable.

You can experiment with different brands and different types of bags. You can contact the companies direct yourself and they are very happy to talk to you about the products and send you samples.
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Do you mean CONVEX wafer, the type that are shaped like a bowl rather than completely flat?
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