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How am I supposed to trust my doctor?

Today I had my first appointment with a new gastroenterologist after moving from one state to another.

How am I supposed to trust my doctor if she lied to me several times off the bat?

1.- When discussing possible treatment options, she told me the risk of getting lymphoma from azathioprine is literally as low as the risk of dying in a plane crash. But the scientific literature says the real risk with AZA is 400 to 4000 times greater than in an airplane.

2.- I've been on a diet that has greatly helped me for six months. Now she told me bluntly that there's no point in continuing it because "diet has no effect on Crohn's disease". Well, I think lots of members of this forum would say otherwise!

3.- I've been in remission for two years following surgery, with no problems and perfectly normal biological indicators. And yet she's been pestering me, telling me a relapse within the next 12 months is a dead certainty. No doctor can predict this, and even less with normal blood tests, no symptoms and a recent coloscopy showing non-progressive diseases.

Now, am I being a drama queen or am I right in being unable to trust a doctor who's either obviously misinformed or lying straight to my face?
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I find that medicine in general can be very subjective. Depending on where they studied and practiced, each MD's opinion can be skewed one way or another. The book 'How Doctors Think' by Jerome Groopman MD, is a great read.

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