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I had my colonoscopy finally and it revealed no inflammation. He took many biopsies which I am excited to find out. Since being on this forum and reading I have started the SCD diet and supplement with what many of you on here reccomend including wheatgrass juice and moringa leave shakes.

I decided to experiment on myself and had some breaded chicken and cheeze its. I had horrible stomach pains and diarrhea.

So the conclusion i have reached is the SCD diet makes me not hurt and have solid poop. Whether I have IBD or not I decided to stick with this diet for life as it helps me tremendously.

Yoga and heavy lifting helps with my anxiety and I urge all to get into a habit of exercise, prayer and meditation. And even those who are atheists, just use the meditation and use your voice to say positive and motivational phrases. God listens to all.

The power of getting your sub concious to be strong through positive and constant reinforcment cant be overstated.

I just dont know where to go from here. I either have some weird bacteria going on or just bad "IBS". Hopefully the biopsies give me more answers.

All in all, from reading allot of you alls stories my heart goes out to all you. No one including me at this point can ever understand the pain and discomfort you all go through and still keep trucking.

Thanks for all the information,
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Hey. I hope you get answers. I'm glad the diet is helping.
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Thanks for the update emzeppi glad the SCD is working for you keep us posted.
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Yeah I was diagnosed with ibs then it turned out to be crohns.


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