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What I did today :)

I was asked by a friend a while ago to come into her school and speak about my stoma. At first I was all gung-ho about it and excited. I agreed immediately and didn't think much of it till last night. Then I got to thinking (which we all do), "what if they're grossed out?". Or, how will they receive me? Or, what if I forget what to say?? I went through every scenario in my head, and they all turned out horribly.

So, I had actually pondered cancelling the whole thing. But I didn't. And it was amazing! Once I got going, they couldn't shut me up! The talk was supposed to be for half an hour, and I wound up being there for over an hour. They were excited to talk to me and ask any questions that popped into their heads. It was really a great experience. Apparently it was so good that the teacher wants me to come back next year and talk again

Not a bad day!

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Jeff D.
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Nyx, that is wonderful! I'm glad you could be there to talk about your stoma, I'm always worried about telling people (not because I'm worried about their judgement, but rather because I'm worried about them being grossed out). I'm glad you could speak to them and he'll them grow.

In another matter, I hope you are doing well.
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That is so awesome. I hope that I'm invited to do something like that one day!

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Right on, Nyx! I'm usually showing off my stoma to my friends, but have never had to contemplate doing it in a roomful of people. I get how you might have been anxious the night before, but I'm glad it worked out so wonderfully...yay for you!

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Well done, Nyx! There are lots of people out there who don't have any idea what a stoma is. People have said to me: "My friend/grandmother/uncle... has a stoma but I didn't want to ask about it." Spreading the information helps all ostomates.
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