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What medications are you on? I am currently on 20mg prednisone, 40 mg humari, 625 mg welchol, pantriprozole, omperazole, Zyrtec and a blood thinner along with high blood pressure and sinus meds and phenagren for severe nausea. I feel like a walking pharmacy and get strange looks from people when they see the amount of meds I'm on.
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Hi Mel. That is a lot of medication. I truly hope they are all working for you.

I'm on:
Hit D 3000iu per day
B12 injections
Remicade - starting soon.
Crohn's Disease
DX 1978 (12 yrs old)
Ileostomy at 19

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I can understand about feeling like a walking pharmacy. I was hoping to cut down on some of my supplements. But, with things working the way they are it's better not to mess with it. Hopefully, even though you're on as many as you are they're working for you too...
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Current Meds:
Pentasa 1000mg 2xday or Mesalamine DR 1.2gm 2xday, Canasa Suppositories (when needed) 1000mg 1xday, Tylenol 3 with codeine 300-30mg (when needed)

600+D Calcium 2xday, Multivitamin, 65mg Iron 1xday, Fish Oil 1000mg, Vitamin D3 5,000 I.U., Eye Drops 2xday

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I understand that feeling. I just got diagnosed a few weeks ago and went from an iron supplement to three medications for Crohn's and a few other supplements.
Diagnosed May 2014
Jul 2014 Blockage caused by flare up
Sept 2014 Finished 3 Weeks of EEN. Started LOFFLEX diet
Mid-Sept 2014 Another blockage
Oct 2014 Started Infliximab

Current Medications:
Infliximab Infusions (Remicade), Loading doses
Azathioprine (100mg)
Pentasa (4g)
Adcal-D3 (1g)
Ferrous Fumarate (420mg)
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Hi Mel. I am also on quite a bit of meds 25mg prednisone, 150mg aza, 10mg ambien, xanax as needed, percocet 3 times a day and iron infusions once a week . Tomorrow I'm seeing a doctor for MMJ and on the 9th I see my GI who may add humira to the mix ! I really wish I would find the right combo of meds to put me in remission. I know where your coming from- I also feel like a walking pharmacy.

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