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Would you go to ER?

Just curious what you would do. I recently moved to fl from tn and haven't had a chance to get a new GI yet. My old one put three
Refills on all my meds at walgreens so I could still get them until I found a new one but I am out of pain meds and my stomach has been hurting for about 48 hours non stop. My nausea isn't too bad but have went to the bathroom about 20 times today at least but no blood which is good. My
Lower back also hurts. I mentioned going once our little ones are asleep (because he just drops me off and comes back home) so
He wouldn't have to chase them and he still
Acted annoyed. Just not sure what to do. I feel like I am being judged by him.
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Hmm I don't know.. Generally I say that if you're thinking about going to the ER then you probably should be going. I mean you must be feeling pretty bad to think about that as an option, no one likes sitting in an ER for hours on end.

As for 'he ' I'm assuming this is your partner or husband? Sorry I'm not too familiar with your story, my brains on go slow right now.. I would say that your health should be the most important thing, even if that does mean he has to take over the child care for a little while.
Forgive me if you think I'm speaking out of place here, but does he realise how serious your condition is? I'm lucky to have someone who does his best to help me out and understand when im sick, and I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be met with anger.

Remember that we are always here for you. If you ever need a chat you can just drop me an inbox, you can even add my Facebook if you want to *hugs*

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I am referring to my husband and honestly he does not get what these illnesses do to us and acts as though I am over exaggerating. He hasn't been to any of my dr appointments or rarely visits when I am admitted to the hospital. I
Guess he's not very sympathetic.

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