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Mouth sores?

Does anyone get sores in their mouths before a flare? I have canker sores on the front and side of my mouth. my nausea has been terrible since I tapered off prednisone. I've been on that for 9 months. 40 mg to 60 mg then back down to 40 then the slow process of tapering down.
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I get sores in my mouth and my nose.
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Mouth ulcers and sores at the corners of the mouth are one of the first signs of a flare for my son.
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My son gets mouth sores when he is flaring too. He also suffers from nausea.
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Ditto on mouth, and nose sores.
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Just get ulcer like sores on my bottom lip, that's all I've experienced. No nausea.
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Hi! I get huge canker sores and multiple every time I get a flare up. They completely predict when my flare is going to happen each and every time. In addition to the mouth ulcers, I get night sweats 2-3 days before the flare occurs. It's the worst, however a good indicator of when I am going to end up sick. I am actually in a nasty flare now and will probably be admitted for IV steroids since my 40 mg of prednisone doesn't seem to be kicking this thing. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and have not yet been fully in remission.
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Hi, yes sores at the corner of the mouth, ulcers inside it and bleeding gums
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When this current flare started I had 11 mouth ulcers :-/

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I get intermittent mouth ulcers that cover the entire roof of my mouth, often accompanied by cold sores on my lips. For me it seems to be independent of UC flares and can strike even when my gut is otherwise healthy. I have put it down to immunosuppressive treatment, as it usually happens when I am feeling run down.

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