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Faecal calprotectin testing - Australia

I know that faecal calprotectin is not an approved test in Australia.

My youngest daughter test results have the following comment:

This test is not currently covered by our NATA scope of accreditation.

Does anyone know what this means? This is the fifth time I have had this test done for various family members, all using the same lab. I have always recommend this lab to Victorian members as it is the cheapest provider.

I am now wondering whether it would be better to use the dearer lab, cost difference currently $70.
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I would think it means…

That FC is a newer test for that lab and as such they have yet to be accredited for it. So say they were last accredited on the 1st September 2011, any tests added to their procedure list since that time won’t fall under their current scope of accreditation. That is not to say that their FC protocol is lacking, just that it hasn’t been evaluated by an outside agency.

Curiosity would get the better of me, I would go to a different lab just to compare.

Dusty. xxx
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