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SCD Friendly Restaurants / Meals

One of the most difficult parts of the SCD diet is finding the TIME to allocate to cooking all of the items. I've grown to accept the lack of starch, sugar, etc. in my diet, and in all honesty, am perfectly ok with being an SCD'er in that the available foods taste great (Burgers with cheese, yogurt with honey and strawberries, peanut butter and bananas, the list goes on).

I am, however, becoming exhausted from all of the shopping, cooking, freezing, refrigerating, cutting, slicing, heating up, etc. I have a very demanding job and frequently wake up at 5:30 am to cook my meals for the entire day.

Recently, I was browsing through a Paleo website that indicated Chipotle (large, mexican style chain owned by McDonald's) had acceptable menu options for those on the SCD diet. They grass-feed their meat and do not use additives.

The suggested order is below (ingredients listed after each item per the Company's website):

Carnitas: Pork , Lard, Bay Leaf, Salt, Black Pepper, Thyme, Juniper Berries, Sunflower Oil
Lettuce Romaine Lettuce
Salsa, Tomato Tomato , Red Onion , Jalapeņo , Cilantro , Kosher Salt, Citrus Juice
Cheese, White Cheddar Pasteurized Milk , Starter Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes
Guacamole Hass Avocado , Red Onion , Jalapeņo , Cilantro , Citrus Juice, Salt

This got me to thinking: Let's start a forum with a "universal US menu" of sorts. If everyone is ok with this, list recommended restaurants and orders in the format below. If people find this agreeable / useful, I'll create a new thread for international menus by continent (except Antartica, because if you go there, you're on your own...is polar bear meat SCD legal?????). Given that this is an online forum, I guess I'll go ahead and throw out the disclaimer of - "try the suggestions at your own risk," but given that we're all working hard to beat this disease, PLEASE only post recipes and suggestions that will help or that you are SURE are 100% SCD legal.

Name of restaurant:
Location (City/State):
Restaurant Format (sitdown, build your own, fastfood, etc):
Menu item name (if applicable):
Ordering instructions:
Ingredients list (if available/applicable):
Takeout option (Y/N):

If anyone in the forum has an idea of how to improve this list, let me know...I can flesh out a final format before people start posting suggestions.

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