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Hubby not interested in sex

Hi guys, my hubby has had Crohn's for years way before I knew him, he had a terrible flare up again and was very ill just after were married. It wasa bad time as I was close to losing him.

Its a few years on and im struggling with lack of sex, im in my 20s and its once a year which leaves me feeling lonely unwanted and depressed.
There is no bag or anything from the op and he just makes excuses and wont talk so ive given up.

Please help.
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I've felt this sort of thing too lol. Sometimes we (guys) if having an uncomfortable day or just mentally just fall out of everything that's important and just forget really..

My stomachs quite tender so anything to touch or go near gives me a bit of pain, maybe he feels embarrassed like me? Go easy on him, sit down and talk to him about it although he probably won't want to, I guess that's the only advice I can give you.

Hope it helps, somehow.
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I am thinking he may be in pain and doesn't want to think about it? I know when I'm in pain, or extremely fatigued, the last thing I want is to have sex. Or perhaps he's embarassed that you have had to see him in such a state? It's hard to say, doesn't help that he's not talking
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Hes in remission and on maintenance drugs not had a flare up for three years he's had Crohn's all his life and for him it's roughly every ten years. Just wondered if any other wife's had these issues and how they handled it.

I don't know what to do about it and I don't want him to feel bad. I dont know anyone with Crohn's for advice. I know he loves me but I just feel a bit sad really!
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Sometimes it just happens -- my SO doesn't have any health problems, but sometimes he just wouldn't feel interested for awhile. Sometimes it's health, sometimes it's self-esteem -- but I definitely don't think it's a sign that he doesn't want you.

Is he on any medications other than ones for Crohn's?
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Hi. Sorry to hear you're going through this.
Is it a possible side effect of the meds or maybe psychological (depression)?
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