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Seasonal allergies worse since starting remicade

Hi there, new to this forum.

My son(15) was diagnosed with Crohns this year. He suffered slightly with seasonal allergies in the past. This spring he is suffering so bad nothing is helping. Tried Claritin, allergra, reactine and every eye drops on the market...all with no help.

He has had 2 remicade treatments and going in today for his third. Has anyone had an increase in allergies since starting remicade? He is also taking Imuran as well for 4 months now. Could this all be because his immune system is suppressed?

Hoping to see an allergist soon to hopefully give him something that works.
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I've noticed that allergies in general have been worse this year. I've been on Remicade for years now with no obvious change prior to this year. Hope the doctor finds something that works for him!

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I don't have allergies myself so I can't really comment on those, but medications like Remicade/Humira can cause sinus issues, so that may be contributing as well.
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Remicade is an immunosupressant, in theory because allergies are an immune response they should actually improve.
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I was kind of hoping that it would help seasonal allergies, which have indeed been worse than usual this year. I hadn't heard about the sinus issues. Ick.
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