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Crohns and mouth ulcers

My sister was diagnosed with Crohns approximately 15 years ago. She was on medication for awhile. After several years it didn't seem to bother her as bad. Now its flared up again. Even though she had a few test done recently, now they want more test to be done. She cant afford the test. So she is without medicine and just tries to control it with her diet. The main problem is the mouth ulcers. She has them all inside her mouth even on her tongue and I'm assuming her throat, since it burns when she drinks even water. The dentist and even doctors that know she was diagnosed with Crohns says there is nothing they can really do about the ulcers. Has anyone else had problems with the ulcers and if so do you have any advise on how to heal them or get relief. They did give her something that is suppose to numb them, but she says it doesn't help. Any advise would be appreciated since she is having a hard time eating, drinking, or even talking. Thanks.
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I don't understand why she has to pay for tests. Are you in the US? I think it is absolutely terrible. Mouth ulcers suggest flare up of crohns. This is why it is so important to make maintenance meds even when you feel well. You do need to know what is happening in her gut, it shouldn't be left. I get mouth ulcers but the only thing that works is crohns med. hopefully others can be more help.
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Daisy123, thank you. Yes we are in the US. My understanding is that yes she has insurance, but her co-pay/deductible is what she can't afford. I know she needs to get this taken care of so she can feel better.
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I use a prescription topical ointment ( in Canada) when my mouth ulcers are bad. It's called Oracort and works really well and is relatively inexpensive.
I put it on the sores just before bed and keep my mouth open for a few minutes til it sets a bit. Then straight to bed, no talking etc. they feel so much better in the morning. Also, switching to sensodyne toothpaste and a soft bristle brush helps a lot too. All the best to your sister. She's lucky to have you looking out for her.
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The mouth ulcers are not going to go away until the crohn's gets under control.
Diet alone typically is not enough to control crohn's.
Has she had blood work done ?
Or a scope recently?
There is Medicaid and medical assistance in the us plus most biologics have drug company cards to reduce the cost - DS takes humira which would have a ridiculous monthly copay - but my humira program covers it all but $5.
Definitely things to look into .

The immunosuppressants are generic and cheap
Most major grocery stores / pharmacy will give you generics for 90 days at $10 without drug coverage .
Again things to look into.

Mouth ulcers tend to mirror the intestines in some .
What does her Gi want her on in terms of treatment ?
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