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I think i have anal leakage

For the past 2 weeks my anus has been very itchy, so i have been scratching. However for the past week it has been a bit different. I have started noticing some residue on my boxers. Could it be that im not whipping fully and its rubbing off or could it be that im scratching and it is whipping off? could it be hemmorhoids or full out anal leakage. I have Ulcerative colitis and have been put on Ciprofloxacin about 3 weeks ago. I am a bit concerned. Thanks
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Hi and welcome.

I'm not really sure but I hope its just a temporary thing.
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Does it seem more like stool or more like mucus? As far as I know UC does not cause fistulas is that correct?
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Mucus makes me itchy. It could be that you have mucus leakage, which is not uncommon with IBD.
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Could well be mucous which I also get at times or could even be blood which I also get a lot due to recurrent fissure and this tends to give the traditional 'skidmark' look in underwear.
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Try to take hot baths as often as possible, maybe every few hours. It always helps get my b hole back in shape. Takes about a week. Try to eat less during that time to hopefully reduce b hole activity. (If it's possible)

A little Epsom salt would not hurt and may actually help in the bath.
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Try taking some Medamucil. I know it sounds like that's the last thing you need but my doctor recommended it and it did help some.
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Medtronic (the company that makes cardiac pacemakers) has a device that, I think, fixes this:
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