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My partner had a colonoscopy today after nearly 4 months of horrendous stomach pains. Every test he has ever had has always come back normal, blood ct scan xrays. The only symtoms during these months has been severe stomach pain, weight loss, tiredness and nausea.
The results of the colonoscopy are as follows

Endoscopic diagnosis: Probable Crohn's disease. Endoscopic appearance: superficial muscosal ilceration, dull erythema and intramucosal petechial haemorrhages.Involving terminal ileum.

I know this will probably sound silly but this has really confused me, more so because ulcerative colitis and crohns is in 4 members of my family. Everyone who I know that has this disease has diarrhoea, blood and mucus in their poo. Can anyone please explain the diagnosis and appearance to me please. Is it possible still that he doesnt have crohns and could be something else?
Thanks for any advice.
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It is possible it could be something else but it just as easily could be Crohns, the biopsies may give a more definitive answer.

Also there are a lot of members with CD that don't have the symptoms you mention. It can be quite common for those with CD in their terminal ileum/small bowel that don't have diarrhea or blood. My son is one of them. He rarely has D and when he has blood it has not been visible to the naked eye.

I hope you get some definitive answers soon
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Thank you clash, I really appreciate your answer. I was just shocked I think that it came back with crohn's. He's been on so many painkillers and such lately that we are hoping for any answer. x

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