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I'm so fed up please help

Hi my name is Susan,

I've had an anal fissure now for around 5-6 weeks and I'm in agony every day.

I've been rushed to hospital four times for morphine because it has been that bad.

The doctor has given me cream and laxatives to take but I feel like it isn't getting any better.

I'm so fed up at the moment and I feel depressed.

Can anyone give me some advice or tips in how to cope with this?

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Hello Susan
Welcome to the forum
That has to be one of the most painful situations to be suffering.
Have you tried the soft zinc cream, sometimes that can help to soothe the pain.
There is also sudocreme which contains zinc.
Zinc creams are very beneficial to these skin problems.
I have found both useful for soreness in the same area but not as bad as fissure.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Hello, can you ask your dr about a sitz bath or peri bottle for cleaning/soothing?

Hope you feel better soon.
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I have been battling my own anal fissure for the past few months...here's what worked for me.

-Sitz bath before and after bowel movements. This seemed to loosen my sphincter up. lol

-High fiber diet. Balanced with soluble and insoluble fiber. Too much insoluble fiber was bad for me...you have to get a good balance of both.

-The first time my fissure flared up, I literally had to induce diarrhea with docusate sodium. I know people say that diarrhea can hurt the fissure, but mine healed while I had diarrhea.

-I use an odd squatting position...one leg up on the seat and one down. The side with the fissure is the leg I leave down. I tried squatting with both feet up and I think it made things worse. TMI, I know...sorry lol!

-The number one most important thing for me was learning my digestive habits/speed. I am extremely regular. I poop once in the morning, every day. Sometimes twice in the morning if I had a lot of fiber the evening before. Whatever I eat for breakfast will be the "head" of my next bowel movement. I've found that the head of the BM is what usually hurts me...if I can keep the head soft, then the rest will just plop out

I have been eating a medium sized apple and a salmon burger on whole wheat bread for breakfast for weeks on end lol because it works for me! You have to experiment a lot to find out what works...I am so so sorry for your pain. I'm a 23 year old male and my fissure had me on the ground crying like a baby at times. It is truly the most painful thing I've ever experienced.
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Hi Susan
You poor thing, anal fissures are the worst pain in the world! I have had 3 in the past...the 1st 2 I had to have surgery for where they cut your sphincter muscle to take the pressure off the fissure to let it heal. The 3rd one healed after using creams. I never want one of those nasty things again! I also used ice on my bum hole before and after a bm to try and numb the area.
Go and see if your dr can refer to a specialist.
All the best. X

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