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Does the liquid diet help promote growth?
15 years old 5'2 and 45kg
Taking supplements as an addition
Thanks in advance

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If disease is under control growth and weight should be able to be achieved.
You have to have weight first before growth can happen .
EEN ( formula only ) is as effective as pred in reducing inflammation in children.
En ( formula plus food) can be used to supplement weight growth and boost maintence drugs.

Big thread on EN and EEN discussion in kids

Fwiw DS did 9 weeks of EEN plus 6-mp at dx and has stayed on en ( peptamen jr with prebio 2-3 /day) every since -almost three years now.
6 months after he started remicade he started to grow.
He has gained 36 lbs and grown 7 inches in the 1.5-2 years since starting remicade.
He did not grow or gain while on 6-mp and formula since he still had inflammation .
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what would the ideal weight be for a 15 year old so that growth can occur?

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