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Totally lost

Hello everyone feeling really depressed. Had tests done and found high calprotectin and going for camera this friday and ct scans this week. Anyone with crohn's suffer from loss or no appetite? Been given fluxatine to help with the depression. Anyone else felt like this aswell? Can't wait to find out what going on. :-(
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It's not uncommon at all to have a low appetite. We aren't hungry when we are nauseas or its painful to eat. Have you found soft foods or liquids you better tolerate?
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Prior to my diagnosis I had a lack of appetite and lot of nausea, I think it can be a very common symptom of Crohn's.
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I,ve just had a rough 2 days,haven,t eaten anything for 2 days either,had zero appetite it's normal if your not well and the blues pop up as well.all the best
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I just had a short lasting stomach virus which left me without an appetite. I found that drinking sprite helped me even though I didn't eat solid food for about 6 days. I don't recommend not eating for that long, but the sprite helped a ton with the nausea if you've got that. Hope you feel better soon!

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Thank you all for your replies. Nice to know not the only one. Yes food makes things worse having soup and liquids is much easier. The doctors first thought it was anxiety until a done a sample which showed calprotectin levels were higher. Just can't seem to keep weight on :-(. I am 6ft 3!weighing just over 9 stone and it's horrible atm. Hope you all are ok?

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