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1st Seton - help!

I have just had a seton put in 2 days ago and have questions the nurses can't answer! Here's a bit of background...
I am a 33yr old from the UK, last year I found a hard lump (that didn't even hurt) In my bum cheek, the doctor said it was an abscess and gave me antibiotics. After the course she said it had got bigger and the next day I was to have an incision and drainage of it. Weeks past and it didn't heal, I eventually got an MRI and they confirmed I had a high fistula. Now over 1 year on I had an operation two days ago. I woke up with a silk non cutting seton in my deep fistula, And they found a low lying fistula which they laid open.
So, before the op the surgeon said that with the silk seton I will need to wash it with water after every poo, he asked if I had a bidet!! Who has a bidet? So he suggested I buy a basin (not the most practical solution). So my main question is how does everyone clean theirs? I saw someone mentioned a squirty bottle, I asked if baby wipes were ok but the consultant said ' poop is water soluble so water is best'.
Second question, is that I have this second one laid open, which I have been told not to have a bath or shower yet, so how do I clean the seton whilst I have one open?
I have asked nurses and they don't have a clue!
I don't know if I have Crohn's yet, but have been reading around and you all seem to know the most about this subject!
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Hello, the bottle is called a peri bottle. Best to buy a few and keep them very clean too. It is a small hand held squirt bottle that you can control the stream / flow and water temperature for clean up of the area.
The basin is called a sitz bath. But it sounds like the sitz bath would not be able to be used until the open area of the fistula is healed? If your nurse can't give a response please call your Dr. It is important to keep the area clean. Also baby wipes can contain alcohol and can cause discomfort.

Hope you find some answers and get some comfort.
Please keep asking your Dr. for advice.
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Hi If*,
Ok great thanks for the advice, I'll try and get my hands on a peri bottle, any idea where I can get one?
I ended up speaking to a different surgeon yesterday and he said a 15 minute soak in betadine and water would be fine!
Thanks again!
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I bought a hand held shower hose to help wash quickly after poops. When that wasn't available I used wipes, they aren't the best but they'll do in a pinch. Good luck! These things are a pain in the ass.
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The pharmacy should be able to help you locate a peri bottle and a sitz bath. Also I found a soak in warm water with sea salt or Epsom salt to be helpful and once healing was further along added aloe vera. Ask your Dr. if that might help you too??

Hope you are feeling much better
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I had 7 on my bum i just jump in the shower and use a removeable shower head but i was takeing like 5 quick showers a day really hot water works wonders. It burns for few seconds but then feels good just dont burn urself. I crouch down and put the shower head down their

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