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Humira not working?

I have been on Humira since April 1, 2009 and have not really seen any improvement although my symptoms are fairly minor. Well, I think they are anyway. I was unable to get off of Prednisone -- whenever I would get below 10mg or so, my symptoms would come back. Those symptoms being bleeding, rectal/anal pain, and crampiness. So my doc decided to put me on Humira which would also benefit some of my other issues. I thought Great! I didn't like the idea of injecting myself every other week, but figured if I could get rid of some of my other meds and would feel better, I'd do it.
I posted this in the IBD discussion area as well, bu thought I'd stick it here too since it is medication related.

For the past couple weeks I've been having "potty issues" again. I'll go for 2-3 days without going (which used to be the norm for me, but since diagnosis and pred, I've been going at least once a day). After 2-3 days I go through about a week of discomfort. This time my "days off" were Friday, SAturday, and Sunday. Monday I went 3 times, all uncomfortable, and the third time was bloody. I wasn't constipated, just didn't have to go. When I did go, it was soft, "wet", and small. All three times. But it was really hard to get it out. Well, maybe that is constipated I guess. Now today I've gone once and it was very uncomfortable and bloody. Sitting is really painful and my intestines hurt. At least the bottom parts do.

I guess there's really not a question there, is there? Well, does this sound normal for someone who's been on Humira for about 4 months? My nurse said she'd probably never see me again because everyone they put on Humira feel so much better. I'm not feeling it. HA!
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Humira/Adalimumab » Humira not working?
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