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Azathioprine - Good Results - remission?

Hello to you all,

I writing from Portugal. I don't have crohn but my husband has, and it was diagnosticated in 2011 after 4 cirurgies to fistulas. The doctors never try to understand what disease is causing that fistulas. Then in 2011 he had a strong flare and made a lot of exams and finally told them that was crohn.

I really worried because in this 3 years he only take Salofalk. He was good without sinthoms but his analisys show that the disease was not in remission.

Now he had a new flare with a lot of abdominal pains, dhiarreia and was a litle bit depressive. He start taking for 3 weeks imuran 50mg. When pass those 3 weeks his analysis was good and now the doctor increase the dose for 175mg. I'm a litle worried because it was a big increase and i'm afraid that he had side effects. I need to help him with this but in my country the information is not very good.

Anyone with positive stories after take Azathioprine?

Currents meds that he is taking:

Aza - 175mg per day
Pentasa - 4 pills a day

Thank you,
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I cannot give you positive feedback on Azathioprine. I'm one of those cases when you read the drug labels for reactions they have seen in studies, my name usually falls in the "in Rare cases". As such you can see in my signature it paralyzed me due to a reaction.

None the less- I'm sure there are other on this forum who can give you positive feedback. PLEASE do not let my story scare you. As I said- I am a weird rare case.
Diagnosed 2003
5-ASA- failed
Imuran-failed with a strange reaction-paralysis
Remicade- failed with infusion reaction.
Mesalamine-another failure
Entecourt - fail- no help.
currently on Methotrexate 25mg and Humira combo.
Folic Acid Supplement
Hyclosomine,Ultram,vicoden for pain as needed
Extended right Hemocolectomy 5/24/13 Univ.Of Chicago
11/7/13- small crohns ulcer at surgical site (active).

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I took this drug or many years and it gave me remission for almost 10 years and no side effects!
Good Luck!
Crohns for 26 years
Previous meds: Pentasa, Imuran
Current meds:
Humira weekly
- multi vitamin and vitamin D
- B12 shots monthly
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I am on Imuran and in remission (dietary changes too - SCD). However, my most recent blood work shows elevated liver enzyme levels, which could be caused by Imuran (don't know for sure yet)... So I think it can be a useful drug, but important to keep up on blood work to monitor if it is causing harm.

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