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Proud of myself

Okay, so I had a prom on Wednesday, and the venue was a two and a half hour bus ride away. It had been a 'bad' day anyway, with me running to the bathroom and I was dreading the journey! But I did it and then back home again with no stops!! Proud of myself!
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Phew that must have been stressful but glad it went off well. Hope you enjoyed yourself
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That is great. Personally I find this damn disease is very difficult at times. Most of the time generally, but facing adversity and overcoming that adversity is a wonderful feeling . I find it makes you a stronger better person . Anyway good for you.
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Good for you! I hope you enjoyed yourself too.Gotta do what we gotta do,right? I hope this gives you confidence to do things that make you happy.
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Congrats, good for you.
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Well done, a champions victory. Sometimes we catch a break.

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