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My Good Experience w MoviPrep

Just had a colonoscopy last week and used MoviPrep, following the instructions along with this advice from the board:

1) Chilled in the fridge up to 24 hours in advance
2) USE A straw. Not just a regular straw, but buy those wider straws you use for milkshakes or smoothies. It made me able to gulp about 1 ounce with each sip (8 gulps total for each cup).
3) LEMONS AND LIMES - I can't stress this enough. Before each cup, suck on a lemon or lime wedge and then quickly drink, then put the wedge back in your mouth when done. It made the taste MUCH more tolerable and leaves no aftertaste in your mouth. If you feel like you're going to gag (happened only once for me) just breathe through your nose and out your mouth.
4) Move around. I found that standing up when drinking (and having my kid cheer me on) helped immensely, and I did each of the 8 cups quickly (15 min apart) instead of sipping them slowly.
5) Use disposable cups and number them -- this helps psychologically to know your'e making progress.

During the day I found the most filling food was homemade chicken broth.

My prep was all at night, started the 1st half at 4PM, 2nd half at 7PM. 90% of my emptying of my bowels was after the 1st half. Since you follow a clear liquid diet during the day, don't expect a large bowel movement. It was mostly liquid and changed in color only. I was told to have 16oz of clear liquid after each half, and that helped with thirst as it dehydrates you with the sodium content. I had very little 'action' the next morning and the doctor told me my prep was great.

In the bathroom - use baby wipes, Desitin, Tucks (wipes w Witch Hazel), ANYTHING except toilet paper alone. I found even a warm washcloth helped the discomfort I felt between glasses 6-8.

The taste really wasn't that bad. It does have a strong "Lemon Pledge" smell, but the consistency was comparable to thickness of real maple syrup.

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