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Medic Alert Bracelets--Yes or No?

I've been looking into Medic Alert bracelets for L now that school is starting soon and I'm just wondering if anyone else has gotten one and found it helpful for their child?
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I was advised to get one when I was on prednisone many years ago.
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DS has had one since he was 4.5.
It keeps an electronic record 24/7 of all conditions , meds , etc...
The lobster claw clasp plain nickel one held up for 5 plus years through lots of swim practices . It only cones off for medical procedures after the hospital puts on their allergy bracelet .

Coaches , parents and teachers notice it right away and ask what they need to be aware of.
Most take the medical condition more seriously .
DS has asthma so emt would know to protect the air way first if he could not speak and we were not there or able to .

Originally DS got it for food allergies but we have added a lot to it even though he has outgrown them.
He never takes it off and after two to three days he didn't realize it was on any more.

PTA/pto gets a discount and they have kids smart as well.
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I wish I could get him to wear one but no such luck. But I would absolutely do it.

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We have one through I like how you can update the information online as meds change. Another good example, when DS had his resection, they also removed his appendix. If he ever ends up in the ER with stomach pain and they call Medic Alert, they can immediately rule out appendicitis and find out about his med allergies.

For the most part he wears it (he's 14), but lately, especially since being in remission, he "forgets" a lot. He did have a doctor tell him once that since he's on Remicade he should wear it all the time.

People do notice. His tennis coach asked him about it when they first met. When he ended up in the ER needing stitches everyone who walked in asked him about it.

I forget how old your kiddo is, but I think the younger they are the more important it is.
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No. Would never have been able to get him to wear it and he has a nickel allergy so the basic one would have been out of the question anyways.

I think it depends on your kid and particular situation.

I never felt it was a major issue since my son wasn't on meds that were likely to interact with other things (like compazine which has interactions with more than 1,000 meds) or pose the potential for life-threatening reactions (like pred) and didn't have any other medical conditions that would put him at risk for emergencies (like food or latex allergies).

And, at the time, the cost for something like medicalert was prohibitive. There are alternatives where you just write stuff on a bracelet and don't have a central reporting resource.
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Medic alert does have financial aid and runs sales so cost should not be an issue.
We paid $30 for three years during one sale.
Not Wearing it is not an option for DS we have treated it the same as any other safety thing ( car seats, bike helmets etc..) not up for discussion and once its in - it's very hard to get off without two hands.

Not sure my kiddo would have one for "just crohn's" though but his other issues need to be known quickly ( drug allergies /asthma).
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I am not a parent, but I wanted to offer my opinion. I learned of something very similar to a medical alert bracelet, called RoadID made originally for runners. I ended up getting one with my basic info - name, DOB, phone numbers for an emergency, and also allergies and medical conditions. I also have an extra thing on there that says I am on remicade. It's really cool because they have multiple styles, are pretty affordable, and you can personalize it quite a bit. I got the one that is like a Livestrong band, so it just looks like a bracelet but I have been in situations where it could definitely come in handy. Just an idea for those who want their child to have something with info on it, but a little more "sporty" than a traditional medic alert. just google RoadID to find their website.
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Hi guys I'm thinking if getting one as I'm on atenolol for high blood pressure and predisone 30 Mgs tapering would it be worth getting one 2 ?
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My newly diagnosed teen didnt want to wear one then I came across Road ID. Other boys on his cross country team wear them. I know many other adult athletes who wear them. You can add any info on the engraving so I included medical info and an ICE phone number. Gives me peace of mind!
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I forgot to mention, my son uses his Medic alert bracelet as a bathroom pass at school too. He has a 504 plan that says he can use the bathroom without permission and as needed, but he's such a rule follower he'd still always ask permission anyway. By the end of the year though, he'd get up, catch the teachers eye, tap his bracelet and head out. It actually worked quite well.
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Although this thread is a couple months old, my son came home from school today with MedicAlert info that I thought I would pass on... MedicAlert has a program called No Child Without. If your child's school is enrolled in the program, you can register your child (ages 4-14) with MedicAlert FREE OF CHARGE. There are a variety of bracelets, sports bands, etc., to chose from. To register, just get a brochure from the school and go to, to enter the number on the brochure, and fill out the necessary info.
I'm not sure I'll register my son, as the only med he is on is MTX, and has no other allergies, etc., other than cats and hay fever, and a bit of a sensitivity to latex. But, I did call MedicAlert for their opinion, and they recommend I do, mainly because of the immunosuppressant he is on. So, I'll think about it. We are in Canada, but perhaps other free programs are available in other countries too.

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