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Pentasa Is Working -Will It Affect Pill Cam Results?

I am very happy to say this Pentasa is working!! My GI nurse practioner put me back on it after coming off Entocort and having a major flare. My GI was on vacation and previously did not want to put me back on it. ( He thinks it's IBS instead of IBD now). I see him Aug 12. I'm sure he is ordering a Pill Cam at that appt ( he had said if I have issues after the Entocort pill cam next).

So my question is will the positive affects of Pentasa affect the pill cam results? Could there still be therapeutic affects with Pentasa if it's IBS? We are still trying to get a clear diagnosis.

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Glad to hear that the pentasa is working!!! Yes, I would think that since you have something that is finally working that they should be able to see it on the pill cam. However, I'm not completely sure since when I had my pill cam I was in a flare myself. Please keep us updated and let us know how your test goes.
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Usually Pentasa treats inflammation in the colon not the small intestines. The point of the pill cam is to investigate the small intestines so I don't think the Pentasa would change the results of a pill cam. It's a good question to ask the doctor.

There is some possibility that IBS symptoms are improved with Pentasa (mesalamine). Here's an article about it

Mesalamine Relieves Some IBS Symptoms
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