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Post MRE- nausea

I'm about 2 hours post getting out of the machine and I'm still having horrible nausea...worse than I ever have before. I feel like I'm going to throw up but I never do. Is this normal?? I had to drink 1.5 L of volumen which they said is barium, had IV contrast and a glucagon shot. I feel awful! Wanting it to go away soon!
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Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. You might call your doc and ask for some Zofran to get you through the night.

Otherwise my only advice is to go to bed in a dark, quiet room and try to sleep it off.
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Unfortunately I get the same thing from the glucagon, it messes with blood sugar. I echo Patricia56, go to a dark quiet place and just try and sleep it off, maybe take some benedryl or tylenol PM to help you get to sleep.
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