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Sharp tummy pain on exercise

We finally managed to get DS to a horse riding lesson today, just a private half an hour so he could do as little or as much as he wanted.... He was suffering was a lot of sharp pain in his tummy as he finished. This is not the first time he's had pain when trying to do anything too physical. Is this normal?

Scopes booked in for 12/8/14 so not long to wait now to see what is going on. Hate seeing him so restricted, particularly during the holidays.

Ands xxxx
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C would have sharp pain during activity before he started remicade. Also, he would have pain in his lower right side(to his right of the belly button). I don't remember that he ever complained of after remicade.
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I remember S complaining of pain on his right side (and he said it was a crohns' pain??) when he did long distance running. It didn't happen during short spurts of running, like when playing soccer or ball hockey, only long distance, cross country running. I think it was the repetitive bouncing - which you would probably also have in riding.

This happened for a few months after dx but, as S only did the LD running as part of the school program, I'm not sure if the pain went away because he eventually healed or if he just stopped the running??

Hopefully, the scopes will give you some answers.
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My daughter always gets pain on exertion. The doctor thought maybe she has gut hypersensitivity. This disease sucks!

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My 13 yo boy still gets sharp pain on exertion even after being on 6mp for 3 months. So many of his symptoms are better but still doesn't seem to be able to do much.
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I cannot exercise my abdominal muscles; it causes me very intense cramping. However, doing leg or arm workouts never bother me. I think it is from my very sensitive guts caused by IBD.
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Thanks for all your comments, although reassuring that he's not alone, upsetting that yet another thing that effects him. I guess we won't be rushing back to book another lesson, he aches everywhere today and was struggling to walk very far.

Finding it hard to find the balance of getting him to do something to keep his mental health positive and yet not being too much for him physically. Kimmidwife, couldn't agree more this condition sucks!
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DS did get stomach pain with exercise when he was on 6-mp and Mtx.
The pain stopped with remicade and is very rarely there with humira -so it is possible with the right med
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Thanks MLP. Remicade will be his next medicine to try, should the scopes show the need. If they are clear, I'm not sure what will happen with meds. Either way we can't carry on like this. Xxx
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Sorry to hear he is still struggling. It's hard when they can't do what they want to. How about swimming?

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