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Remicade frequency

My son, who is 20, was diagnosed with UC and has had 4 infusions of Remicade since. His last infusion was July 11th and the doctor scheduled him for tomorrow (8/1) to have another infusion but the insurance company has denied it. He has been feeing really badly the last week with many bouts of diarrhea with blood. He's an athlete in college and this has really been hard on him both physically and mentally. He had to take a leave from school last semester it was so severe.
Has anyone had any success with any other treatments, such as medical marijuana? I'm at my wits end for him!
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I am so sorry to hear that you lad is having problems Lmmilazzo.

So with the 4 infusions I assume that is three loading doses, one regular and now the one that was denied?
If so then 3 weekly infusions seems a close regimen when starting out. The concern being that Remicade doesnít seem to be holding him even at that interval. Does the GI have other treatment plans up his sleeve? Prednisone or adding another drug?

There is a Medical Marijuana sub forum located here:


To be honest though I donít know that with your sonís symptoms MMJ or something like LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) will suffice without getting some level of symptom control first.

Dusty. xxx
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Also what is the dose he is on .
DS had to be on 7.5 mg/kg every 6 weeks.
Some insurances will pay for closer together after you do higher dose first .
Others it is the other way around .
Some are ok with either .
Adding an immunosuppresant to the biologic can increase the length of time as well.
Some add 6-mp or Mtx.
Typically Mtx for young males with biologics .
Might be worth asking about.
Some have added EEN ( formula only no food to boast the effects of remicade).
You can use polymeric ( boast ensure etc)
Or semi elemental -peptamen
Or elemental each is a little easier for the gut to digest but harder to drink orally.

Some have had luck getting remicade approved if they are admitted .

Good luck
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