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Bloodwork changes

DS went to ped yesterday - sore armpits ped found a small bump so ordered fast bloodwork we are in the clear for the bump side but
Albumin is a lot lower 3.7 was 4.2
Hct is low (36.1)
Alt is up was 21 for months now 31
Hcb is about the same 12.8
Ferritin is up 34 from 10 in January
Sed rate up to 19 from 10 at the end of may

Something is going on

Could low albumin and higher alt be from arthritis ?
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I definitely don't have an answer to that although it hasn't been the case with C's SpA dx. Maybe maya142 will be about soon. Hugs
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No idea - M's blood work tends to be perfect, besides anemia and high ferritin.
Could the higher ALT be from MTX?
Sending hugs!
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"Low albumin levels can also be seen in inflammation, shock, and malnutrition. They may be seen with conditions in which the body does not properly absorb and digest protein, such as Crohn's disease or celiac disease, or in which large volumes of protein are lost from the intestines."

Lots of info here. It can also be from liver or kidney issues.
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He never had high alt before on Mtx but has on 6-mp which is why we had to stop it.
His sed rate is consistently at 10 unless his crohn's was flaring .
His albumin has also always been in the higher range .
Need to call the Rheumo/gi on Monday .

Hct has been lower before but that was at the beginning of his dx .

His crohn's seems to be fine but his arthritis no near controlled.
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No answers, just lots of hugs and hope it all gets sorted out quickly

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ALT and AST are for liver.( Meds can get it high) Usually range is 0 to 40 depending on lab. Albumin by it self is not that important what matters is A/G ratio. At least is what our Pedi says. Do you know the ref. range for sed? I know my lab is 0 to 15. So at 19 he is having some inflammation, maybe from arthritis? I hope is nothing serious.
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Thanks Araceli
DS has had alt/ast numbers triple the normal reference range while on 6-mp so we know meds can go to his liver quickly so any increase even when it's still within normal starts to cause concern since he was on biologics for tha past two years without any increase at all .
Add in he is not therapuetic on Mtx yet .

Talked with the Rheumo. His doc is not in.
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growth can cause elevated ALT.

Inc ferritin c/b sign of inflammation along with lowered albumin, drop in Hct, elevated ESR. Does your doc run CrP?

None of these are specific markers so it's impossible to know if it's from the arthritis, CD or a combo of the two.
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Crp was normal which it always is.
His arthritis is getting worse ( barely tie his shoes or put on socks some days ).
So I assume its that since things are ok Gi wise .

Good to keep in mind about alt .
He sees both gi\rheumo in a few weeks .
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Fwiw, when M's ferritin is high (from inflammation) it is significantly above the upper the limit. Three months ago it was over 140 points above the upper limit. This month, it's only 40 points above the upper limit.
In her case, they think it's from the arthritis and not the IBD.

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