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Does Medicaid Cover Humira For UC


I got re-diagnosed to UC and I plan on going on Medicaid (California) soon. However, I have heard that Medicaid will cover Humira only for Crohn's and not UC. Is this true? Thanks.
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I couldn't tell you the answer to that but it does seem like those of us with UC frequently get ripped off on government covered drugs/ drug lists. Its like they believe only Crohns can be severe. Good luck.
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Just in the last couple of years, Humira was finally officially approved to treat ulcerative colitis. It should now be covered by insurance companies, but even that would depend on the particular insurance company. If you are denied, definitely appeal their decision and supply your company with articles that prove it has now been approved to treat UC.
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In for facts.

But my doctor always told me he would twist things to say I have Crohn's instead of UC if it's an issue. But that was on my work insurance. Medicaid im not sure, but I need to know for next year.

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