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Duodendum mucus

My non Ibd kiddo has an upper scope
Everything looks ok
Gi is trying to rule out inflammtory stuff in the upper gi track so we are waiting for biopsys - should have results in a few days .

Question doc said the duodendum had thick mucus in it .
Didnt say why this was important .....
Anyone every hear this before???
Google is not much help at all
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Mucus is often a sign of inflammation....so it may just be a warning sign that your doc is picking up on. It could be nothing, but it may be hinting at something.
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Thanks a lot that makes a little sense .
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I agree it might just be some inflammation causing the mucous. Usually things start secreting more when irritated, just like when you have a cold.
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I found this, maybe it helps. http://gut.bmj.com/content/15/10/767.full.pdf.
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The GI tract is consists of mucous membrane so mucous is a normal part of its functioning. The stomach has a layer of thick mucous but once you past the stomach and into the duodenum the consistency of the mucous is much thinner as it is not dealing with stomach acid. The appearance of thick mucous in the duodenum would be considered an abnormality so hopefully the test results will provide you with answers as to why this is happening to your lad mlp. If they do I hope they are answers that are easily fixed. Good luck!

Dusty. xxx
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Thanks Dusty
I thought it wasn't normal since the Gi knows I will look up
Anything to figure out what it means .

It's the same GI DS has so its easy to work out things quickly since he knows the history.
And that I will keep asking questions when it's important but leave the doc alone when things are calm.

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