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Miralax Split Dose Prep for Colonoscopy

Hi everyone.

I'm asking for some opinions on this. I have to have a colonoscopy in the morning, and my doctor uses the Miralax / Gatorade prep. However, this is the first time that the instructions specified a split dose. The first half of the solution I had to drink starting around 4:00 pm, and the second half I have to start drinking in about an hour, at 10:00 pm.

The hospital usually calls a day or two before to let me know the time. I have to report at 9:30 tomorrow morning, which is usually the case with my doctor, as I think he does his scopes in the mornings.

In the past, I've had to drink all the Miralax at once, but I'm hoping this makes it a little more tolerable, by splitting the doses. Any advice / opinions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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I've done this before, I have to say it was the easiest prep I've ever done and most tolerable. The worst part of prep for me is gulping it all down so fast so the split prep helps- plus the miralax/ gatorade prep tastes so much better than most other ones. I found using 2 different flavors of gatorade was the way to go, I use the blue and yellow because I was asked not to use green, purple, or red.
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Thanks, Cosmojo. Yes, the Miralax and Gatorade prep is the most tolerable for me as well. However, I did throw up starting the last glass of it. The instructions said to mix the entire bottle of Gatorade and the Miralax, so I did a 64 ounce orange Gatorade, as my instructions were no red or purple flavors.

I did mention that I had a little trouble with the last glass to my doctor before they started the procedure, which they said wasn't a problem, with as much as I was able to get through. By that point, I guess they figure there's not much in my system, and I was having clear stools.

Anyway, the procedure went well, and everything was pretty much as expected. The last 18 centimeters or so is where the inflammation is, if I remember right from the last one.

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