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Deciphering Prometheus IBD sgi Results

I recently had a Prometheus IDB sgi test. I finally was able to get the doctor to send me a copy of it and got my first look at it today. On the phone they just told me it was negative.

The summary is "Inconsistent with IBD", but I am trying to figure out the rest of it. I don't have a follow up for another month.

In the genetics column, I appear to have all four of the markers it tested. I have the variants for ATG16L1, ECM1, and NKX2-3. I do not have the variant for STAT3(apparently not having this one is bad).

For the Serology I have the following, which are all below the reference value:

ASCA iga ELISA <3.1
Anti-OmpC igA <3.1
Anti-CBr1 lgG 13.2
Anti-A4-Fla2 igG 14.1
Anti-Flas igG 23.5
Auto Antibody ELISA 7.8
ONAse Sensitivity - Not Detected
IFA (two words I can't read) - Not Detected

Inflammation Results, also all below the reference values:

ICAM-1 .32
VCAM-1 .63
VEGF 250
CRP 5.4
RAA(not sure it is hard to read) 2.7

One thing I am wondering about is that I was on a liquid diet for 2 days prior to the test sure to having a sigmoidoscopy the day before the blood test. I'm not sure if that could affect my results.

It also seems like some of the values are somewhat close to the reference values, but none are over. For example, the VCAM-1 is just .05 under the reference level. That is probably the closest one.

So any clue what all this means? It appears I have a genetic risk of Crohn's, but that does not necessarily mean I have Crohns.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » Deciphering Prometheus IBD sgi Results
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