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Should I worry

Okay my son has crohns and was just diagnosed in April. He has had a great summer but this weekend he was extremely tired and slept, kept getting nausea and his stool yesterday and today is yellow and green. It just looks very unusual. Not sure if this is something I should worry about.
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I am sorry to hear that your son is going through this, but my take on it is try not to worry I know it is hard to do right now. But for me being tired all the time is normal and being nausea to. Sometimes I would like to sleep all day if I could but I can't, as for his stool the yellow and green stuff I had this and my GI told me that is was diagestive juices. But I guess he was right nothing ever really come about it. Hope this kinda helps you out a little, and hope he gets back on his feet real soon.
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With a child and CD most GIs request you to notify them if there is a change in symptoms. They may just take note or bring him in for lab work. Since, Crohn's disease in children tends to be more aggressive keeping the GI abreast of changes in symptoms or escalation in symptoms helps them stay on top of every thing.

I hope it is just a blip and nothing to be concerned about. My son can have days of fatigue just from over doing it but he still has active disease and another dx of AS on top of that so we expect it.
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Hi, hopefully it's just a bug. Would be good to phone the GI. Blood tests or faecal calprotectin could put your mind at rest.
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Secondly being tired is not an acceptable normal period.
If your kiddo is on the right med combo they should be just like the other kids .
It does take a while for some meds to work in the beginning.
Immunosuppresant take about 3-6 months to work
Biologics about 6-8 weeks.
Most kids have an agressive course and failure to thrive ( not gaining or growing) automatically moves kids even with mild disease to the moderate catergory.

We have done lots of check up blood work if DS is feeling bad plus stool samples .
We tend to keep extra cups/hats at home so just a lab drop off if the Gi orders it .
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