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Fluctuation in SED rate

Today at our son's 8 week infusion, his bloodwork came back with a SED rate of 23. His SED rate 4 weeks ago was 16. He has no outward symptoms of Crohn's. All his other numbers were the same as the previous test, with the exception of a slight decrease in hemoglobin and hematocrit. His GI doctor was not overly concerned since he is feeling fine.

Is it typical for the SED rate to increase toward the end of the 8 weeks? He just had braces put on last Wednesday, could that be influencing the SED rate? Next blood panel in 4 weeks.
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SED rate is an interesting thing, it responds to a lot of things, braces could influence it, or could being exposed to a minor infection, or basically anything. SED rates tell us SOMETHING is going on, and can say its very bad for lets say a sed rate of 50+, or a slightly elevated one says further investigation is needed. I honestly would not be concerned about it, if it would keep going up then yea. I had my SED rate AND increase in symptoms go up at the end of 8 weeks of Remicade which is why we eventually moved it to every 6 weeks. As long as your son is feeling fine I wouldn't worry.
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I agree with cosmojo, BUT if his next labs come back with an elevated sed rate again, then I'd start pushing for more information/labs to see if something else is going on. If you've hung out in the Parents section here, you know that there are many kiddos who have no outward signs but have simmering inflammation going on. Not a good thing!

Keep us posted!
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