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MRI showed dilated small intestine

I've often read that Crohn's can result in narrowed intestines. I have another illness that affects my digestive system. Before I had my colon removed, it was atonic - i.e. it was too large, so much so that it couldn't function. I have the same with my bladder, it's been stretched, so it functions poorly (I can go a couple of days without being able to pee at all, and not feel any discomfort for it - when I had an ultrasound done, the nurse couldn't believe I wasn't in severe pain).

I recently had an MRI of my small bowel (a test where I had to drink a load of contrast first, then have an injection to temporarily stop the bowel working to get images). I'm in the situation that I'm sure many of you are familiar with, where you read your test result, but haven't yet seen the consultant to get your results explained. My GP read some of the results to me, but didn't feel able to comment on them as she doesn't have the expertise. Basically my small intestine is very dilated, along with being inflamed, which I already knew from other tests I had done when in hospital. I'm thinking the dilation is not due to Crohn's? Or can Crohn's cause this?

Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » MRI showed dilated small intestine
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