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Allergy to contrasts

Hi, maybe someone out there will be able to explain this, since , sadly, the doctors aren't reassuring. I am allergic to all IV contrast media. ( even premedicated I have had reactions.) the last time it happened, the radiologist said I should never have any of these contrasts again. Now, a new doctor wants to do a ct with an oral drink. At first I thought it was barium, which I never had a problem with, but then I found out it is an iodine type contrast. The radiologist said he never heard of anyone having a reaction to the oral version, but another doctor (a former doctor, kinda ) says he wouldn't do it. So although I'm in a lot of pain, I'm scared to,do this. Any one else have these experiences. I appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this. Thanks, sue
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Yes, I'm allergic to shellfish... which for some bizarre reason means I'm also allergic to most contrasts. Apparently the contrasts are made with something stemming from shellfish. There is a type I could use... though some hospitals didn't stock it. Crazy. I had to drive to one hospital, pick up the contrast not made from shellfish, and take it with me to the hospital where the scan was being performed. Glad it wasn't an emergency.

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The funny thing is, I'm not allergic to shellfish, just to the contrasts.

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