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Home Infusions?

Does anyone get their Remicade infusion done at home with a home health nurse? If so, how did you go about getting this started?
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I never did but I had lots of friends who did get the chance to do this, I believe that they just asked there doctor about it and then their doctor wrote orders.
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I remember reading a thread on the forum about this but was unable to find it.

I do remember the thread saying it was an option if you lived in a rural area but I'm sure it depends on your insurance and their policies.
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I did get a couple of infusions at home while I was on Remicade. That was dictated by my insurance company which only approved the first 2 infusions at the hospital. I guess the logic was they figured it would be less expensive that way. I urged my Dr. to get the approval for hospital infusions but they said they were unsuccessful in convincing the insurance company.

I personally wasn't comfortable with home infusions as it seemed a little overwhelming especially at that time. I can see it being convenient for some however.

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