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Prep and possible aryrhythmia

I am due my colonoscopy a week tuesday and haven't collected my prep yet.
I am quite worried as I have an appointment at the arrhythmia clinic in October due to my heart skipping beats and going out if rhythm for a period of time.
I'm worried how the prep will affect my heart rhythms as I will be alone for most of the prep.
Also I'm having the procedure at 2:30pm so when am I likely to start the prep.
Thabks in advance.
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I'm not sure how the prep could affect the heart rhythms, but have you spoken to your Dr about your concerns? Hopefully your Dr can tell you whether this is something to worry about or not. It depends on what prep you do, because there are a few different ones out there....but generally you eat only liquids the day before the colonoscopy and then the night before you drink the prep and it makes you go to the bathroom a lot. The prep will come with very specific instructions on how to do it, so just read through it and call your dr if you have questions. You could also consider having a friend or family member come over while you do the prep if you are still very anxious.
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