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Colonoscopy Tunes!! - A little light relief...

Hi folks, for my last colonscopy I was told I could bring something to play while they were ahem 'down there'. I found this highly amusing, trying to imagine exactly what musical piece would fit the special occasion. I was tempted to bring something outrageously wacky or alternatively a really sombre song and watch them try to keep straight faces.

I was wondering what songs other people would have played.? Or if anyone has actually been there and done it?

Bat out of hell (groan) is an obvious choice but I'm sure you guys can do better...
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I haven't been told to bring anything like this with me. Not sure this would be my choice of "music" if I were asked anyway. But. Have to admit to giggling a bit because this was the first one to come into mind when you were asking for songs during your colonoscopy.
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I have mine under general because my guts are usually a mess. One time I was in the recovery room and I woke up to "Puff the Magic Dragon." Great song to be playing in the recovery room full of semi-anesthetized people!

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