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MCT oil

Has anyone tried Mct oil for Crohn's disease? It's supposed to help with energy level among other things. Wondering about your experiences. I've just started it yesterday to see if it really can help.
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I know this post is old, but I have a full MCT diet. I use the oil for cooking or anything where regular oil is needed. It tends to burn easier and has a slightly different taste (as it is defractionated coconut oil), and I also use the MCT margarin spread. In Germany, it is produced by this company http://www.drschaer.com/en/brands/ceres-mct/

There have been a number of studies showing that MCT is beneficial in many conditions - sorry I don't have the links but pubmed should have something if you search
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My GI doctor used to prescribe it when I was first diagnosed as a kid. My mom cooked everything in it and even mixed some in my drinks. I don't recall if it had any profound effects but none were negative. It's definitely worth giving a try.
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I found this paper from PubMed where MCT was used in a fat reduction study, but it gives a nice explanation of how it is digested.


As I have general lymphatic problems as well as GI issues, they put me on MCT as a kid.
It should be slowly introduced into the diet so the body gets used to it, but I can imagine it would be useful in IBD cases also
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I use full coconut oil, makes me feel good and seems to help stool quality. it is mostly saturated fat so be careful if you have any history of blood clots or heart disease, all you need is maybe 1 gram a day, 10 drops into an empty pill cap is what i take with each meal.
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MCT oil works well for Crohns.
Insomnia is caused by a vitamin D deficiency, which is also one of the primary causes of crohns disease.

levels should be 60-80 ng/ml, it doesn't matter what the dose is.

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