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Starting Humira soon

hey everyone,
so i am a new member with Crohns disease. i am 17 years old and i was diagnosed with crohns this year on my birthday. Since then, i have had pains every day in my stomach and lower abdomen. To try to fight this pain, i was given numerous drugs including the following; Pentasa, hyoscyamine, nexium, budesonide, Dexilant, Uceris, and prednisone as well as several natural vitamins and herbs. None of these medications worked for long term effects. so now my next step is to take the biologic humira. i was just wondering what to expect in terms of side effects and when to expect it to kick in
im really desperate at this point.

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My Humira Nurse Ambassador told me yesterday that it takes about four months for it to kick in. She also said that most people don't notice any side effects other than a little redness at the injection site. She said I may be fatigued the day of my initial loading dose (this Saturday), but should do well otherwise. My dermatologist told me today that she was excited that I'm about to begin Humira and said that all of her psoriasis patients do very well with it! Good luck with your treatment!

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