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Methotrexate, obstruction, or sick?

My 13 year old son took his 2nd dose of metho last night (15 mg) 30 mins after taking Zofran for nausea. This is exactly what we did last week for his 1st dose.

Last week he slept thru the nt and woke up the next morning with no side effects.

This week he was STARVING last night and ate pizza, chicken, French fries...more than usual. At bedtime we followed the same routine for metho and he went to bed. Woke up 2 hrs later with uncontrollable shaking and stomach pain. Finally fell asleep and slept in this morning.

Woke up still shaky, stomach cramps, and irritable. Now it's almost 11 am and he has started vomiting.

Ideas? Metho or sick?
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Sorry to hear he's sick.

I don't know anything about that drug so I can only give a partial answer.

The food he ate could have made him sick. My main concern, from experience, is an obstruction. If he's in a lot of pain, stomach is hard or distended, no bowel sounds, unable to keep fluids down and vomiting he should be seen by a doctor to check for an obstruction. Its a simple xray or ct scan. They are serious medical emergencies and shouldn't be left unchecked too long.

Remember...I'm no doctor. Just a patient.

I hope its nothing and he feels better soon.
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Please call the GI. Its probably nothing but incase an emergence arises you want the GI to be informed.
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Ok thanks, I phoned GI and they have him sipping Gatorade and resting for the next few hours then I'm supposed to check back in with them. Fingers crossed
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My 9 yo son has been on MTX for over a yr now, but he has never had side affects like what you describe. When he first started taking it, he would have a little nausea, sleep in a little longer the next morning, and have looser BMs, but that's it. I think a call to the GI office is warranted. I hope it turns out to be nothing more than a consequence of what/how much he ate!
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My daughter has never had bad pain with methotrexate, but has been very nauseous, tired and even has vomited a couple times (if I felt so bad, I'd be irritable too lol).
Let us know what your GI says.

What dose is your son on? Are they starting low and increasing every week or did they just go straight to the final dose?

We learned the hard way that M is so sensitive to MTX that we literally have to start from 2.5mg (or 0.1ml in the shot) and work our way up.
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Hope the gatorade helps ...
Fingers and toes crossed
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