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Check out this link a friend sent me. I know it doesnt mention Crohns but I for 1 drink a heck of a lot of Quash with Asparatame in it so I am stopping drinking it to see if it helps my symptoms.

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I think people have to remember that the whole aspartame/Equal scare of the 80's/90's and even into this decade was partly (but not wholly) a result of some studies that involved massively inconceivable amounts ingested in animal trials, especially involving cancer. You can give a rodent too much water until it dies of hyponatremia or drowns but that doesn't mean water is suddenly unsafe or deadly, it's about perspective too. Not to say aspartame is 100% safe in all cases, but a little common sense goes a long way if you have actually seen copies of the criteria/details in some of those "studies" that involve insane amounts given to animals just to prove a point, with aspartame or any other chemical or food. My 2 cents....

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Absolutely cut it out of the diet. There is no need to ingest that crap, especially if you have health issues.
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What Benson said is 100% correct. You would have to ingest something on the order of kilograms a day in order to have a risk of cancer if you scale the results of the study in mice up to humans. If you plan on cutting out Aspartame due to cancer risk, I suggest you never take flagyl either then since in those exact same studies, metronidazole(flagyl) caused cancer in 10 or 100 times lower dose. This doesn't mean it is a cancer risk and it isn't something prescribed to be taken daily for more than a couple months at a time, so you are safe. Just be wary of sensationalist statements as well because they often are not based on scientific fact.

This isn't t say that artificial sweeteners probably have other bad effects for you and are a good thing to eliminate if you can. Its just the health effects not related to cancer are not currently know. From a cancer perspective though you are fairly safe unless taking the stuff in very large quantities.

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