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Thoughts on Stomach Pain?

Yesterday at a picnic, my non-IBD kiddo, age 10, said he had a stomach ache. As we were leaving the party due to his stomach ache, he doubled over and started crying. He's my tough guy - he doesn't cry, especially at parties in front of peers. Alarm bells went off in my head.

Prior to this he had a hot dog, Krispie bars, Doritos, and lots of water. He was playing football when it started happening, but kept playing. When we got home he pooped, but that didn't help much and then couched it for an hour before feeling ok again.

Today, same thing happened minus the tears. He was playing 3 on 3 basketball and said it started hurting, but kept playing anyway. When the game was over he started complaining to us that it hurt. Prior to this, no food, but again, lots of water because he had been active. Again, he headed for the couch for 30 minutes or so before feeling better. He had a grilled cheese and then said he had a stomach ache again.

He says it's above his belly button and on both left and right sides. Yesterday was a 5 on the pain scale, today a 2. He says it's pain as opposed to cramping or squeezing.

Pooping and farting helps, but very little.

Any thoughts? Particularly based on where he says the pain is? Above the belly button would be stomach, right?
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Lactose intolerance - tends to show signs around pre teen years .
Pain after eating about two hours .
Both meals contained lactose .
Went through this with my oldest.
Who drank milk everyday single day ....
Took a year to figure out.

I would let the ped know to rule out appendix etc...

Good luck
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have him see the doctor and rule out appendicitis. My younger daughter who had appendicitis her pain was in the middle not on the right side.

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Hot dogs have tons of lactose and give me great pain! I didn't realize they had it til I saw lactose free ones.
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I vote for a trip to the doctor and blood tests.
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I don't want to scare you but my daughter had that kind of pain from inflammation in her stomach. Hers was more constant though. Carafate helped.

Seeing a GI or at least his pediatrician does seem like a good idea - better to be safe! In the mean time, did you try heat? M loves her heating pad!
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I vote with Catherine but my non IBD child has me twitchy so I may be over reacting.
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Same here I'm also twitchy to due non IBD child.

But my Crohn's child presented with stomach pain and low iron levels, 3 years prior to dx.
Note to self and anyone else reading this, this is a very usually Crohn's presentation.
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Same here, non-IBD daughter worrying me! Stomach aches and joint pain.
A calprotectin is always a good one you could start with, maybe an ultrasound - both painless . Appendix is a possibility, my daughter had pain radiating into her bottom rather than the usual lower right side. Above the belly button would seem more like the stomach, could you try an over the counter indigestion remedy just to see if it makes any difference? We also like hot water bottles for tummy pain.
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My Crohn's kid presented with pain at and all around his belly button, and his disease is in the jejunum of the small intestine.

Like so many of you, my non IBD kid is making me twitchy... Occasional, unexplained bellyaches and sore throats. Sheesh.
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We went through something similar with our non IBD 8 year old a few weeks ago and I went into mommy panic mode. She ended up having a virus but we had all her levels checked. Her calprotectin came back at 80 but on this board the helpful people that you all are assured me that it could be from a virus. We checked with the GI who suggested redoing the calprotectin but said that it could be a virus as well. Fwiw, we took our dd into urgent care b/c we were panicking over appendicitis as she had pain above her belly button and they said that it would have gone from intermittent to a constant terrible pain IF it were appendicitis.

Hope he feels better soon.
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Could he be constipated? Even If he is still using restroom, he might still be backed up.
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