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Few days after Full Barium test...

Hey there! I was diagnosed with Crohn's a few days ago, and I'm finally home from the hospital and adjusting pretty good so far, except for this aftermath from the Barium test!

This was my first time ever drinking Barium, and they said it could cause constipation, and man, were they right.

My question is, how long should i STILL be passing this barium? My poop has been white for the past 4 days, and there's very little poop that comes out!

Should I contact the doctor? Should I take a little Miralax and wait it out?

How long did it take for you to pass it all?

I'm still bloated and a little uncomfortable with it sitting in me. But I've been able to eat fine. I just want it out! hahah

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Are you drinking plenty of fluids? That is important after any test with barium. A quick call to your GI to update him on what is going wouldn't hurt. Although for some it can take a few days to get all the barium out. But fluids, fluids, fluids is a good thing!
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Yes I agree, the advice given to me after I had the test was fluids, fluids and more fluids. They were right!

Do make sure to flush the toilet alot after you have been and get down there with a scrubbing brush.

Barium is such a great contrast for testing purposes because it doesn't dissolve in water. So, it'll just sit in your toilet and cause a blockage if you don't deal with it.
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Is this test really that effective ? I've had it and it found nothing supposedly. I don't have to ever worry about constipation, so that wasn't an issue, just the extra fun bloating it caused to add on top of my normal oh so fun bloating issues.

Will admit I only drank 4 and 1/2 of those putrid things, they gave me six. Maybe I'm remembering wrong and it was less, but I know I couldn't get the last one and 1/2 down.

Anyways, I was watching for days for it all to "come out".
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