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Question about fish oil

Do any of you take fish oil? If you do I have a question that hopefully you can me with.

Do you find that when you take fish oil that you burp more throughout the day? I find that whenever I take it I seem to burp a lot more for some reason.

Do you find the same thing to be true for you?
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i do lol with any of the oil capsuals :yuk:
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There are a couple of reasons why that is the case Mikey, firstly it could be because the capsules are low-grade and not all that good or your body isn't producing enough lipase to help digest the fish oils!

Hope that helps a little bit.
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if you get capsules that are enteric-coated - they don't break down until they reach your intestines and you won't burp up the yuky taste. hope this helps.
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I am actually taking the oil straight, not pill form. I take a teaspoons worth.

Thanks for the possibilities Danny. So maybe I should take a bit of a lower dose?
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i dont know if i burp more, but i do notice when i burp its easier to notice cuz when i do i can smell the oil.
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I've heard people say they burp more.

I've also read that fish oil can affect the serotonin levels in the brain which doesnt sit real easy with me but I've never heard of anyone having any problem
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I took fish oil for about a year because it was recommend but didn't see any changes. No I didn't burp it or taste it later. But I took the capsules. It is good for many people,however I have malobsorption syndrome . GOOD LUCK!
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i take the salmon fish oil gelcaps--too soon to say what does waht-(on so many things lately)--but-i do notice that during the few hours after i take the cap-i get a little gas-(though..again-not sure if its the fish oil..)-but the burp is "salmon-flavoured" my mom takes cod liver oil -no burps (but that may be different..?)
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Both fish are good sources of Omega-3 fats (cod might be a bit better I think), but I do not know if the type of fish used for the oil can produce different symptoms (besides a different smelling burb ).
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I second mike. It actually has omega 3-6-and 9 I believe. I think that the Cod liver is just stronger in omega 3. These omega3-6-9 which can be found in eggs, are natural anti-inflammatories.
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You if want to have less of the fishy after taste and a take pill you 3 options

1) Freeze the fish oil pill... Be the time it thaws in the inestines it is ready to be abdorbed...

2) By a complex that has the fish oil plus all the other just fish oil
if you want a complex that is cheap try the this the Multi Oil....

DO NOT buy the omega complex
it leaves a LOT. It leave aishy taste then... Best place to fins the best quality fior the pruice is GNC... Off brands of fish oil my ccntain mercury.... GNC's are guarnted to nght have non (we do over a 150 quality checks that we frun every product too

3) DHA (buy it from gnc) http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2133397
I can take two of those and not have a fishy after taste...

Sorry I'm falling alseep a the moment so I haope can read my inchorant random

Cy later

Be advised that I am not an expert or a Doctor so legally you shouldn't listen to anything I have to say.

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