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"Normal" Crohn's vs. flare-up?

My 15 year-old son was diagnosed with Crohn's a few weeks ago. They perforated his bowel during colonoscopy and he needed surgery to repair (I've posted a few times here-still getting used to things). We haven't had the initial visit with his GI yet to discuss symptoms, options, meds, etc. because we have to wait for his post-surgical check-up. He had surgery 2 weeks ago and has been home for a week with no diarrhea or constipation. Yesterday when he came home from school I could just tell that he was in pain. He claimed he was just "bored" but as I gently pressed him he told me he was having pain and that he is overwhelmed by all the work he has to catch up on (he's in all Honors classes and missed two weeks of school). He has no fever or diarrhea/constipation and seems to be eating enough. I'm thinking his cramps might be partly stress-related but I'm sure there's a Crohn's component in there. So when should I become concerned about flare-up/fistula/abscess? I have a call in to his GI but thought I could get some answers from fellow parents too. Thanks!
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I'm sorry your son's been through such a rough time. I don't have answers to this particular question. I hope the school will work with him to help this situation be less stressful. Given the circumstances, perhaps the school could allow him to only make up essential work and not every assignment. Have you thought about getting a 504 Plan?

Sending hugs and hoping he will be feeling better soon.
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Yes, 2nd the 504 plan if you are in the U.S. You can put in there extended time to make up assignments and shortened as appropriate. My son's math teachers in the past have only had him do the first few problems to show he understood the concept and how to complete the work so where it might be 20 problems on a homework assignment he would have to do 3. The extended time to complete assignments also helped out with the stress as trying to complete work for 7 classes after being gone was just a lot and stress can certainly add to symptoms.

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