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Should I get a flu shot?

Hello everyone. I just started Humira on 9/6 (first loading dose) and I was wondering if I should be in any great hurry to get a flu shot? Thanks.
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I have been on Remicade for years now and the flu shot is recommended by my doctor. I would htink it is the same with Humira. You cannot get the nasal dose, it has to be the inactive shot.

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I don't think you need to be in a hurry since flu season slant really peak for a few weeks but it would be wise to get it.
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Flu shots take two weeks before they are effective.
Anyone on Immunosuppressants or biologics typically are recommended to get the flushot
DS has gotten one every year.
He is currently on humira.
The nasal spray -flu mist is not recommended since it contains a live vaccine.
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I am booked for a flu shot in October. Not on a biologic yet, but might be starting infliximab (Remicade) at some point in the future. Currently taking Pentasa and Azathioprine, my IBD pharmacist said it's recommended to get one when you are immuno-compromised. I'm also tapering on prednisolone right now, so that also adds to it as well.
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My GI doc also recommended the pneumonia shot as I am waiting for the insurance to approve the Humira!

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